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"Thanks so much for sending me your new CD. I have been enjoying it!
You guys have hit a balance between being very entertaining and real.
That takes work on the ranch and work on the songs and you two do it very well."  -Gary McMahan

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"Westerners" was a 2010 finalist for
Traditional Western Album of the Year, Western Music Association.

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1. I Ride the Range the Modern Way
2. Show Me Mister 
 3. Cattle Call 
 4. Cowboy's Farewell  
5. The Cowboy That Made Me Blue 
 6. They Call The Wind Mariah
 7. Common Wisdom  
 8. Border Affair
(Spanish is the Loving Tongue)  
 9. Don't Fence Me In 
10. Coyotes 
11. Home to You 
12. The West 
13. I've Got Spurs  
14. Waitin' For Ice Cream 
15. The Ranch That I Can't See 
16. Happy Trails 
17. Buddy and Me

(release date January 2010)

A Different Kind of Album For Christmas!
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1.  Cowgirl's Christmas 
2.  Christmas Shoppin' At The General Store 
3.  Stable Song 
4.  The Cowgirl Who Lost Her Jingle 
5.  Three Wise Men (poem) 
6.  Away In a Manger 
7.  White Christmas 
8.  Winter Waltz 
9.  The Night Before Christmas (recitation) 
10.  While This Cowboy Watched His Stock By Night 
11.  Silent Night (with recitation)

     (release date September 2010)

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1.  Carry Me Back to the Lone Prairie
2.  Tumbling Tumbleweeds
3.  Little Joe the Wrangler
4.  Bad Brahma Bull
[The Brahma Bull Song] 
5. Green Grow the Lilacs 
6. Danny Boy
7.  Windy Bil 
8. Utah Carl 
9.  The Streets of Laredo
10.  Billy the Kid 
11.  Goodbye Old Paint
12.  Westward Bound Medley
[Shenandoah; Red River Valley; Comin' Round the Mountain]
13.  Cool Water 
14.  When It's Night-time in Nevada  15.  Carry Me Back (reprise)

(release date February 2008)

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1. (Ghost) Riders in the Sky
2. Heart of the West
3. The Gift
4. I Want to be a Real Cowboy Girl 
5. Lope Along
6. Bessie the Heifer
7. Trail Drive
 8. Call of the Canyon
9. Cool Water
10.Harriat With a Lariat
11.The Quarter Horse
12.Come Riding With Me
13.You Are my Sunshine
14.TV Westerns Medley
[Ballad of Paladin; The Rebel; Maverick; Davv Crockett, Rawhide]

(Release date: February 2007)

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1. Timber Trail 
2. Whoopie Ti Yi Oh 
3. Ridin' Down the Canyon 
4. Pecos Bill 
5. Tumbling Tumbleweeds 
6. Little Joe the Wrangler 
 7. Blue Shadows on the Trail
 8. So Long to the Red River Valley  9. Wind 
10. Ragtime Cowboy Joe 
11. Big Iron 
12. When the Bloom Is on the Sage  13. The Strawberry Roan 
14. The Sierra Petes
[Knots in the Devil's Tail]
     (Release date: June 2005)

2001 - 2015 Nevada Slim and CimSlim  Music ASCAP, All rights reserved